BOVAK ApS is a consulting engineering company with focus on climate, water, nature and environment

Development takes place at the intersections, i.e., in interaction between authorities and utility companies, across diverse types of utilities, together with citizens and fiery souls. There is always an element of development in what we do. It can be an externally funded project, with focus on generating knowledge for use by the whole society, or a “traditional construction work”, where we by slightly adjusting prerequisites and requirements, develop the field of action to be robust and climate-proof.

What can Bovak offer you?

  • Project planning and management of construction projects with several objectives, which at the same time solve tasks for municipalities, utilities, and citizens:

– Simultaneous installation of water/sewer/district heating/pavements/road drainage
– Simultaneous renovation of both public water supply and private ground lines to reduce water waste and C02 footprint during construction works
– Include recreational value, biodiversity, roadside tree plantation and afforestation in construction projects
– Local drainage of rainwater (sustainable urban drainage systems) in the catchment to reduce the overflow of wastewater and the need for major construction works

  • Development projects within climate, water, nature, environment and utilities from idea to reality
  • Work with good processes within supervision, workflows, and planning, e.g., conduct a quick review of all prepared material, to avoid double work
  • Facilitate focus groups and experience groups with involved parties, with the aim of drawing up a common goal and an action plan for the collaboration
  • Cooperation with rural residents’, citizens,’ business’ and landowners’ associations as well as coastal protection guilds and dyke guilds to achieve citizen involvement at an early stage. In this way, we secure local support for necessary efforts
  • Prepare and conduct citizen meetings
  • Integrate climate adaptation into local plans and analyse local plan proposals to secure that climate adaptation – particularly cloudburst protection – is sufficient incorporated
  • Analyse options for cloudburst protection and sustainable urban drainage systems to save expensive construction costs for larger pipes
  • Advice and planning of coastal protection measures
  • Identify grant opportunities from various pools and foundations

We work for anchoring good projects locally. Therefore, we focus on involving the customer’s own organization and the target group as much as possible. A creative team typically consists of members from the client’s organization, users, employees from Bovak ApS and specialists from our network. We aim to assign the same employees throughout the project periods. This ensures a flexible organization, maintains knowledge, and minimizes administration.

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